Tuesday, March 15, 2011

page

Finally all my posting problems are in the past! :) I'm very happy to be with you all and to show my very first picture.
This one was made on a piece of all wallpaper with a permanent pen. I thought of drawing smth introducing my theme ('Those who live') in a delicate way.
This notebook of mine is flying to Marcia right now! Crossed fingers it will come in a good time.


  1. Welcome Masha,
    A beautiful beginning :)

  2. I am so glad you can post pictures now. This is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful idea to draw on wallpaper.

  3. I spotted these on your Flickr photostream. Lovely collection of cacti. And that feather is such a wonderful contrast & so delicate. I will count the days until I hold your sketchbook in my hands.

  4. Rosie, thank you for your kind comment! :)

  5. Thank you, Katie! There is only one thing I need to be accurate with, adding different sorts of paper to our Moleskine notebooks... It must be exactly page size, otherwise next one would struggle from application boarders, appearing on a new picture.

  6. Oh, Marcia, my collection is very small right now after terrible Moscow summer 2010, when almost 2/3 of succulents died. But! Give me some time... :) My Mom is a cactus lover, so we will renew it soon.
    Thank you for your nice comments here and an Flickr!