Thursday, June 9, 2011

a picture for Marcia's book

I don't know why I decided not to follow a romantic mood and restrained palette of previous drawings from this book... I'm sorry if my entry was too laud. It's been a long time since I began to think of what to draw there. Being one who moved from home city 4 years ago and changed 3 rented flat since, I can't show you all the parts of my collection of curiosities and dear things. It all was left at home. And, at the same time, our family have no regular 'home', moving all the time from Belarus to Russia, from Russia to Moscow, from one rented flat to another. So, I'm showing you what I keep with me.

Grandfather's handmade sandglass he made for yoga practice. He was a yogin and occupied himself with asanas and krijas daily for more than 30 years.

Pins collection.
Soviet Union Association of Cactus Societies pins collection we once bought with my Mom, great cactus lover.

Lucky tickets.
Tram, bus and trolleybus lucky tickets from my home town Izhevsk. My husband and I collected them for one year. To check if it's lucky or not one need to calculate a sum of 3 left and 3 right numbers. If it's the same the ticket is a lucky one and you need to eat it for a good fortune.

Knitted rose.
Knitted rose brooch made by my Mom as a part of our knitted jewelry design project.


  1. I love the color intensity & the abstract design. And the tidbits the stuff that you/we have collected in my book tell such a wonderful & intimate story of the small things that give our lives meaning. A veritable river of life. Bravo!

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  3. Oh, I feel relief you are at least not too much against this entry. I tryed to make a delicate arrangement of my flower specimens drawn by pencil for your book. But this project is a breath of fresh air for me and a wonderful risky yet adventurous playground. I could not do my traditional botanical pencil work for your book... I would feel like it smth person less, too formal and even soulless.

  4. I think this works beautifully; the collection; colours; design; everything! All wonderfully drawn too. I'm intrigued about eating the tickets though, perhaps not a lucky thing to do :)

    I'm following the dialogue about your possible family connections with interest. How amazing it would be to find a link!

  5. I meant also to say that I have been trying some crochet/knitting flower brooch ideas recently!

  6. It looks like maybe you took a bite out of one of the tram tickets?

    I like that you included the Cactus Society pins of your mothers. They are a link between you and your mother and they are also links to the amazing botanical drawings that you do. I also appreciate that all your drawings have had the element of whimsy in them.

    I agree with Rosie and Marcia that your colorful and whimsical drawing is a WONDERFUL addition! I am hoping that none of us feel limited in what we add to the books in our future drawings. I am curious to see the vertical image that Marcia is talking about too. It is so awesome to see how each drawing leads to the next. I am looking forward to some surprises.

  7. Masha, I sent you an email this morning to your yahoo address about my book’s journey back to me.--Marcia

  8. Marcia, it cam 15 minutes ago! Strange thing this is...

  9. My book arrived from Masha. It's come home! It came the day before I left for Portugal. I decided to bring it along and share it with other Urban Sketchers, if there's an opportunity. As with the others, the real thing is so so much more incredible. Katie your locket is the heart of the sketchbook. It is mysterious and simply gorgeous. Rosie, I definitely didn't appreciate your entry fully until it was before me. The objects you chose were lyrical, subtle and wonderfully quirky. Masha your work is so joyful. Those botanical pins just pop off the page and I want to take a nibble on one of your tickets!

  10. Hurrah! Good luck and safe trip, Marcia! :)))