Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dreams Whispered from the Galaxy

This will be my final contribution to Rosie's sketchbook. There are only 3 sections left. It will be Katie's honor to make the final entry. Hopefully it will be waiting for you, Katie, upon your return from Mexico. After having this book sitting in my studio for too long, I finally found inspiration. I loved extending our collective exploration of the theme: Telling the Story.

Morning to night our story unfolds. Our cells are stepping stones. Our dreams are whispered from the galaxy. Our hands search. Our hearts yearn for a Common Tale.

I have watched my husband sleep in this position for over 35 years. We have always shared our dreams. Together, we have watched the sky, watched the night, and mused about the mystery of it All. And then I was so impressed that the last full moon was a blue moon. The shapes of chromosomes have always fascinated me.