Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Those Who Live in my garden.

Those Who Live!

This is my entry for Masha's book 'Those Who Live' and is drawn from life in my garden. I chose the quiet creatures who are so often around. There are still some of the striped garden spiders now. Snails are curious creatures and I tempted this one out with lettuce and cake crumbs. It preferred the cake!

I began this drawing in September and although it started well I have been unable to make it work to my satisfaction and feel it does not come together as a design!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dreams Whispered from the Galaxy

This will be my final contribution to Rosie's sketchbook. There are only 3 sections left. It will be Katie's honor to make the final entry. Hopefully it will be waiting for you, Katie, upon your return from Mexico. After having this book sitting in my studio for too long, I finally found inspiration. I loved extending our collective exploration of the theme: Telling the Story.

Morning to night our story unfolds. Our cells are stepping stones. Our dreams are whispered from the galaxy. Our hands search. Our hearts yearn for a Common Tale.

I have watched my husband sleep in this position for over 35 years. We have always shared our dreams. Together, we have watched the sky, watched the night, and mused about the mystery of it All. And then I was so impressed that the last full moon was a blue moon. The shapes of chromosomes have always fascinated me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What has happened to our blog page? The heading has disappeared as has my last post. I think I may have inadvertently done that when I was "cleaning up" my computer oops!!
I have done a drawing for your book Masha and am sending it to Rosie along with Marcia's book. I have been less than prompt with my obligation to complete my drawing for you wonderful women in your beautiful books. There is no excuse please accept my apologies again. I promise I will get these in the mail tomorrow!!!!

My drawing is of my dogs with whom I share my life. The male, Zander, is on the left and he is all muscle and energy. The female, Tattoo, is on the right she is determination personified. Zander could easily take the tug toy away from her but Tattoo will never give up and Zander has learned this and tugs for a while and then just gives it to her.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I feel good I am healthy and I am drawing!

Here is my addition to Marcia's book. I have collected thread and fabric and buttons. I have all kinds of zippers and lace and zig zag trim. Here is a drawing of embroidery thread in wire baskets.
I will get it off to you Rosie in the next couple of days.
I will also take the time to add my comments to the wonderful work you all have been doing while I was sick.
Happy day!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wasp and Wasp Nest for Masha's sketchbook "Those Who Live"

I'm sorry it took me so long to do this entry. I picked this piece of wasp nest up on one of my daily walks. The wasp is obviously way oversized in relationship to the nest. I drew the wasp from an Internet image and the nest from direct observation. When each of you receive this, you will see that the colors of the wasp coordinate quite handsomely with Masha's yellow poplar from her last September (2011) entry. So on Monday, it's off to Katie!  Hope you like what I added to your sketchbook, Masha. And that Katie and Rosie you like it, too.  Can't wait to see what comes next! --Marcia

Monday, March 26, 2012

Telling the story, Rosie's book

This notebook is special in many cases. It keeps a deep and very personal pages from Marcia's family history. It shows courage and strength of Katie. I wanted to add my intimate story too. 

    This pic tells the story of our wonderful summer 1986, summer after Chernobyl tragedy. Bilberries were so big that year. We used to eat a lot in Belarusian forests. We didn't know that time cancer, thyroid disfunction, hard allergies will follow our family members.
    In memory of Chernobyl 1986, NATO bombing Serbia 1999 and Japan Earthquake 2011.

Winter remembering spring, Marcia's book

    Hello dear ladies! :>)
    I had not been blogging for a long time, I'm very sorry.
    This picture was going to be a magic wand for Marcia to make her feel seeing what I see daily. It's not luxurious all right, but I feel like it has this winter-spring (even summer a bit) mood with black&white outside and warm green& terra-cotta inside. I purposely made it with colour pencils to be on her wave and to understand the meaning of inside-out works.  
    A view is very typical for this sort of high-blocks. It was built in 1963 and interiors are original. So, now you know exactly what Soviet people seen going to and from work :) 
    Those windows give a sort of lyrical mood during to snowy time (5 months a year :).

Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is my entry for Katie's book. It is a continuation of ideas of changes in direction and media, being a collage of monoprints based on mark-making relating to drawings of trees.
My idea is to think also of the spaces between branches and trees.

The words included are from my short poem 'Sky Spaces'

Angled branches making sky spaces,
within the distance of the tree.

Grey angles and a lemon-yellow flash glimpsed,
a heron passed by.

Spiked hair a leafy mane;
I see his knowing eye, The Beast of the Tree.