Monday, March 26, 2012

Telling the story, Rosie's book

This notebook is special in many cases. It keeps a deep and very personal pages from Marcia's family history. It shows courage and strength of Katie. I wanted to add my intimate story too. 

    This pic tells the story of our wonderful summer 1986, summer after Chernobyl tragedy. Bilberries were so big that year. We used to eat a lot in Belarusian forests. We didn't know that time cancer, thyroid disfunction, hard allergies will follow our family members.
    In memory of Chernobyl 1986, NATO bombing Serbia 1999 and Japan Earthquake 2011.

Winter remembering spring, Marcia's book

    Hello dear ladies! :>)
    I had not been blogging for a long time, I'm very sorry.
    This picture was going to be a magic wand for Marcia to make her feel seeing what I see daily. It's not luxurious all right, but I feel like it has this winter-spring (even summer a bit) mood with black&white outside and warm green& terra-cotta inside. I purposely made it with colour pencils to be on her wave and to understand the meaning of inside-out works.  
    A view is very typical for this sort of high-blocks. It was built in 1963 and interiors are original. So, now you know exactly what Soviet people seen going to and from work :) 
    Those windows give a sort of lyrical mood during to snowy time (5 months a year :).