Thursday, June 13, 2013

Only a STUMP: for Katie's book

Finally, I've realized my last entry for Katie's book.  This was inspired by my recent journey into the forest of the Central Cascade Mountains of Washington State. This composition came together from  photos I took on our hikes. It was also encouraged by a long interest in nurse logs. The transmutation in an old growth forest is profound. It holds metaphors relating to our human existence.  This is my last drawing for our wonderful moly_x_24 exchange.  Once I receive my sketchbook from Masha, for me, the circle will be complete. What a gift to share this experience with you Katie, Rosie and Masha.  Thank you, dear ones!!!!  



  1. What a magnificent finale to our mutual journey! Thank you Marcia! It has truely been a pleasure!

  2. Both picture and poetry are wonderful and a great conclusion to the project!
    I do hope we can all keep in touch and share ideas from time to time.

  3. Thank you, Katie and Rosie, for receiving this such kind words.

    Our project will conclude with Masha's entry into my book. I know you sent it, Rosie, with your lovely eggs. Masha, was it received?