Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What has happened to our blog page? The heading has disappeared as has my last post. I think I may have inadvertently done that when I was "cleaning up" my computer oops!!
I have done a drawing for your book Masha and am sending it to Rosie along with Marcia's book. I have been less than prompt with my obligation to complete my drawing for you wonderful women in your beautiful books. There is no excuse please accept my apologies again. I promise I will get these in the mail tomorrow!!!!

My drawing is of my dogs with whom I share my life. The male, Zander, is on the left and he is all muscle and energy. The female, Tattoo, is on the right she is determination personified. Zander could easily take the tug toy away from her but Tattoo will never give up and Zander has learned this and tugs for a while and then just gives it to her.


  1. It appears that all of my pictures have been deleted. At least from my computer. If one of you has the photos on your computer would you please send them to me so I can reinstate them on my computer?

  2. I was never enamoured with our banner anyway (It wasn't any of our artwork, I don't think). So no big deal to me. Your doggies, I presume! Great addition and a diversion into the canine.

    I'm the one who needs to apologize. I have the 2 other books: yours, Katie, and Rosie's. I have been inexcusably lax. I've been doing loads of drawing--almost entirely plein air. And then traveling a lot. After I scan my latest Maine trip drawings, I promise to get to them.

    Katie, I'll see what I can do to retrieve your pictures. Curious.......

  3. Hi Katie, lovely to hear from you and to see your new work.
    Great drawing !!
    I had wondered where the banner came from. Wasn't my work anyway.
    Will try to help with your pictures.

  4. It is no longer a promise, it is a fact. The books are in the mail on the way to Hertfordshire.

  5. Hi Ladies, the sketchbooks have arrived with me. It's such a pleasure to see them in reality and to understand how special they are.

    If some how we could all meet it would be wonderful. The lucky chance that Masha and Max were in France at the same time as us gave an experience that I will always treasure. So, America?, Russia?, Europe?, could it be possible?

    Now to think of some sketchbook additions!
    Rosie x

  6. I agree it could be lovely to meet up somewhere.