Thursday, May 17, 2012

I feel good I am healthy and I am drawing!

Here is my addition to Marcia's book. I have collected thread and fabric and buttons. I have all kinds of zippers and lace and zig zag trim. Here is a drawing of embroidery thread in wire baskets.
I will get it off to you Rosie in the next couple of days.
I will also take the time to add my comments to the wonderful work you all have been doing while I was sick.
Happy day!!


  1. You’re back!!!! Katie, I’m so glad, so thankful!! And your drawing is light-filled and airy. Your collections of sewing material treasures tantalizingly waiting for your to resume your creative endeavors! Hurray! Indeed a happy day!

  2. Yes indeed welcome back Katie!! Great to hear your news and to see your charming and colour filled drawing. I'm so glad you are feeling like drawing again.
    Looking forward to seeing your work 'in person'. I believe I have embroidery skeins that are very similar to some you show. Another thread to link our project :)