Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is my entry for Katie's book. It is a continuation of ideas of changes in direction and media, being a collage of monoprints based on mark-making relating to drawings of trees.
My idea is to think also of the spaces between branches and trees.

The words included are from my short poem 'Sky Spaces'

Angled branches making sky spaces,
within the distance of the tree.

Grey angles and a lemon-yellow flash glimpsed,
a heron passed by.

Spiked hair a leafy mane;
I see his knowing eye, The Beast of the Tree.


  1. monoprint + collage = poetry

    Very elegant, Rosie!

    I like your new direction.

  2. Katie's is on its way again to Masha.
    Rosie x

  3. Rosie, I had a pleasure of seeing it in real! Awesome idea, very original and fresh. Love how you've done it :))) Maybe it would be great to write a poem there too?
    Hugs from Masha :>)

  4. Thanks Masha, at the time I did this I'd noticed that some comments I wrote with my sketches made little poems almost.
    My brother said the same thing to me (he's a writer).
    So I thought this would be a good idea!
    My problem is now that I'm too concious of what I write and everything sounds like rubbish!!! :)