Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Those Who Live in my garden.

Those Who Live!

This is my entry for Masha's book 'Those Who Live' and is drawn from life in my garden. I chose the quiet creatures who are so often around. There are still some of the striped garden spiders now. Snails are curious creatures and I tempted this one out with lettuce and cake crumbs. It preferred the cake!

I began this drawing in September and although it started well I have been unable to make it work to my satisfaction and feel it does not come together as a design!


  1. This reminds me of a silk scarf I had that was filled with flowers and bugs. The flowers predominated, but the bugs were the hidden treasures that I always looked to find.

    I think what you have here is delightful, Rosie! The repetition of the snails lined up on the bottom and our eye connecting up the dance of dangling spiders above. That you are not satisfied mean you are not done?

  2. Thank you Marcia :). I have have come to the end of my ideas for bringing this together, so it is finished and I'll send it off to Masha soon. Just feel it somehow doesn't work!
    Will make a start on 'collections' as I think i've chosen my subject.

    1. I think you'll appreciate this more once you get some distance. At least, that's often how it works with me. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for "collections".

      I'll take this opportunity to let it be known that I still have Katie's book. I'm sorry to say I probably won't get to it, maybe even for another month or two. I'm sorry. I'm extremely busy focusing my efforts on the one-person exhibit I will be having of drawings of Cedar Falls/Waterloo--January 22, 2013-March 31, 2013. Anybody interested making the journey to Iowa to see it?

    2. Congratulations on your exhbition Marcia !!
      It would be wonderfful to come to see the exhibition and certainly thinking it over. A more likely visit might be in 2014 though when the dancers are invited to Boston. Not the same I know but perhaps we could try for Iowa too.

    3. Rosie, you should let me know well ahead of when you and the dancers will be in Boston. My son and his family live there. We try and go there once a year (maybe twice). It is conceivable that we could overlap in "Bean Town"! Of course, coming to Iowa, too, is an idea. Though, it's 1400 miles west from Boston.

  3. I'm hoping/assuming that anything posted on our site here gets email notification to the 4 of us. At least that is how I have it set up. So I thought I'd let this idea fly: if you haven't heard already, the Urban Sketchers Symposium is going to be in Barcelona this July. Shall we rendezvous in Barcelona?

    1. Barcelona should be ok for me:) A rendezvous is such a lovely idea.
      Boston would be great too!

    2. Marica it's not quite like it (I mean e-mail notification) – mine went to spam because Yahoo! box mix in up with some listings. I don't know how to improve the situation, but I'm always so late to answer!

  4. Mashas's book is in the post to her now :)

  5. Rosie,
    I so enjoy the whimsy of your garden creatures drawing for Masha's book! I especially like it now as we are in the depths of winter here in Minnesota and experiencing zero degrees centigrade.

    To all three of you,
    I would love to meet up sometime, maybe Barcelona. I will have to see how my health is doing in July. I am still having difficulty with my gut due to radiation damage and am going to have another surgery in a few days (Jan 23). If all goes well I should be doing well by then.

    1. Katie-
      Bad news about needing more surgery. Fantastic news that us 4 (and spouses) rendezvousing in Barcelona in July. I know that Masha and her husband Max are thinking about it, too. As I've told Rosie and Masha, I'm consumed by my exhibit which opens the day before your surgery and ends at the end of March. So I'm going to have to wait to really focus on the Barcelona idea until the dust settles a bit.

      BTW, did all three of you get the announcement ito my exhibit n the postal mail?

      I will shine healing energy on your bowel. All my best, dearest Katie. I will look to your FB to hear of your surgery's success and post-surgical rebound.

      XXXOOOXX Marcia

    2. I got an invitation. Wish I could be there.

    3. Do you think by March you'll be able to travel down to Cedar Falls for an overnight to see my exhibit that closes March 31st?

    4. I hope so. That would be lovely.

  6. Katie, very best wishes for 23rd. You have done so well and will continue to do so I feel. Much love and I shall be thinking of you. Rosie xx
    Yes Marcia, it arrived this weekend and thank you so much. It brought a little of Iowa in to our home!! I think it's too ambitious for us to be there but wish you great success
    Barcelona is still a possibility for me even if only for a weekend.

  7. Rosie, thank you so very much for your drawing! It's full of details and gives a wide picture of little creatures who live near you.
    But I feel like my theme was the most unpopular and I better change it to make life easier for three of you! Isn't it so?

  8. Masha, I liked your theme and I was happy with the drawings I did for your book. I do agree with Rosie though about doing something different with themes. I thought that Rosie's theme of "telling the story" resulted in the most personal drawings and it was from her book that we got to know each other a little bit. I wonder how we could continue the exchange so that we all end up with each other's stories in our books?

  9. Ironically I found my theme the least satisfactory.You three ladies have made great contributions :)
    Initially I chose to re visit my sketchbooks for my theme and the results were rather static.
    Having said that, I'm happy to continue with either the same or new themes. Perhaps a widening of theme or media?

  10. Masha I think your theme is good and that all the entries in all the books will come together as an amazing record.
    I sometimes think maybe we should all choose somethig fresh but not sure!:)
    It sounds like you don't always get your e-mails?

    1. I think it should be up to each of us individually to decide to keep or change our themes. Here are some links to long lists of ideas for themes, plus a few I found here and there.




      Self portrait
      Windows and doors
      Food I ate/prepared
      Parts of things