Sunday, January 20, 2013

Last entry in Rosemary's sketchbook

This is the last drawing for your book Rosemary.

It is also my last drawing for this wonderful exchange of drawings and sharing of our lives over the past couple of years. It is a drawing of my new grandson √Član who was born Nov 20th 2013. I was there in the room when he was born, I am so grateful to my son and his lovely partner Sadie for allowing me to be there.
I have written the words "As one story comes to an end another begins" on my drawing. 
Thank you so much Marcia, Rosemary and Masha for sharing this wonderful experience with me. Does it really have to come to an end? This is such a unique way to get to know other people and I don't want to let go of the three of you. Can we do it again?



  1. OMG, Katie this is the most beautiful of all we have done. Congratulations to you, your son, Mom Sadie, your whole family on Elan's birth. The sequence from John (old man) into Elan (new life) sleeping is profound. Thank you for bringing this forth!!!!

  2. Katie that is lovely and loving! A wonderful completion of the circle for our book and your family.So pleased to see you drawing again and to know you are well.

  3. This sketchbook exchange has had links and emotions way beyond the actual drawing.
    I'm glad you are thinking about continuing. A different approach to themes maybe?

  4. Yes I agree about the themes. I have often wished that I had chosen a different theme. I thought that your theme inspired the best drawings and the most personal stories Rosie. What are your thoughts?

  5. I'm very sorry to be so late!
    Katie, your drawing is stunning. Together with Marcia's it brings notebook pictures on completely new level. Ladies, you are awesome!
    Katie, I wish you a perfect surgery and soonest and easiest recovery. I'm sure it all will go so well, wishing a light hand for a surgeon too. We all here are thinking about you and worry how things go.

    What I don't understand is are we continuing our exchange or not? Are we going to stop or just change the themes? Sorry for being so stupid.