Saturday, October 22, 2011

Telling The Story!

This is my attempt to describe a day in our holiday in Paradise. It is truly a Paradise of relaxation, swimming, walking and meeting up again with Greek friends. We stay at a Taverna called Paradisos at Aghia Anna, Naxos.
I took my sketchbook out for the day and simply drew what occured as it happened. Thus the day starts with the amazing orange and green colours of the Pineapple Palm outside our room.
After breakfast we walked down to the beautiful beach with its little rocky coves and clear waters. Some time was spent drawing, before going up to the tiny church on the headland to play our concertinas.
Later I noticed the vivid pinks of a Bougainvilea and during dinner added the scene with people eating under the tree on the beach.
Throughout the day colours of sea and sky change and delight the eye, but always with a lovely intensity.

A great holiday place, but of course there are concerns. Europe and particularly Greece has financial problems and many people are in difficulties.
Another issue is the care of the environment especially the sand dunes and Juniper bushes. They need protection from tourism and development

October is the end of the holiday season and I often heard Greek people wishing each other 'Kalos Xemona' A Good Winter. I hope it is and problems can somehow be tackled amicably and fruitfully


  1. Oh, Rosie, what a great new installment to your sketch book! I can’t wait for it to come down the pike from Masha so I can hold it in my hands. It looks to have an especially intimate feel, like a diary entry. I like your strategy to do a drawing as a record of one day. I really liked seeing your other Naxos drawings on Flickr--especially that beleaguered donkey, that just tugged at my heart.

  2. It does look like a paradise. You must really love going there.

  3. Katie, Thanks for your comment. Yes it's lovely in so many ways.

    I wanted to celebrate the pleasure that we find in Naxos. The reason for this is that it seems troubles are descending.
    The news is full of so many problems for Europe and particularly Greece. I am not qualified to comment about the financial situation, only to fear the difficult times ahead.

  4. I have to apologise. My book still sits on my table but I will post it to Masha this week.

  5. Rosie, I'm looking at your picture right now in real and can't stop feeling your holiday mood, sea breeze and relaxation you felt. It even became cooler in the room a bit! :>) Love that you brought a sketchbook with you, the energy of a place is here, inside it forever!