Tuesday, April 9, 2013

 This is my page for Marcia's 'Unintentional Collections' sketchbook.

These are some of the eggs I seem to have collected over the years.

Left to right they are: blue and white ceramic, marble, hen's egg painted with inks, hen's egg painted with inks, ceramic egg.
Many years ago I used to decorate real eggs (after blowing out the contents and sealing the hole with wax). I then painted and scratched any design I fancied using drawing inks and then applying a spray varnish. My inspiration was batik decorated Ukrainian eggs but I developed my own method and each design was different. The fish and flower patterned eggs are the last two that remain. I also used to hardboil and dye eggs with onion skins for delicately patterned Easter Eggs.
People have added to my collection with ceramic, wooden and marble eggs over the years.