Friday, April 1, 2011

Almost done with Marcia's book

So this is what I've got. This is stuff that I found while going through old photos. The pocket knife was my dads and he gave it to my husband who loves pocket knives. The buckle with serpents on it probably belonged to my grandmother, the thimbles were my mothers. I still use many of her thimbles when I do handwork. The jewelry box was my mothers and possibly her mothers before her. It has rings and buckles and a silver baby rattle which was my uncles in it. The earrings I don't know much about. They just seemed to fit with the collection. The letter is one written to me while I was in my early 20s.

I plan on adding more color before I send it off to Rosie. I used your suggestion Marcia, and had the letter fade onto one of Rosie's pages. I plan on adding a card with a verbal account of the objects in the back pocket of the book too.


  1. Wow Katie, that is stunning!! A wonderfully interesting collection, beautifully drawn.

  2. Wow-zaaaa!! I love the beautiful intricacies of your forms, Katie. And the partly concealed view into the jewelry box. The shadow and the letter add needed depth & variation to the larger composition which is otherwise a sequence of objects (which remind me of a sequence of musical notes). Your stories about them are so tender. Yes, indeed, beautifully drawn. This theme is becoming the story of the things we pick-up in our lives & attach meaning to. The objects will exist beyond us, continuing in their own river, perhaps into other human’s lives & maybe not.

  3. Marcia, it's funny you mentioned that the collected objects might continue into the hands of others. While I drew I found myself thinking about passing these things on to my kids and grandchild. It also made me wonder why these particular objects are the things that have traveled through the generations of my family. Is it their beauty, their usefulness, their durability? I also wonder what unintended collections of my things will my great granddaughter find when she is looking through old photographs?