Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marcias book is ready to go!

I'm done with Marcias book! I even have an envelope for it. I am not going to send it in a box this time because it was more costly to ship that way. It is late Saturday afternoon so I won't be able to mail it until Monday.
I have also included a note as you requested Marcia.


  1. Katie it's really beautiful! I can almost pick them up off the page. I love also the way you have used the letter in the composition and the significance of the collection. I shall find it hard to continue so well.

  2. I have completed my page in your book now and hope to send it off tomorrow.
    I want first to try out using fixative on my work with the crayon colour (before spraying on your book!) 'Just in case' there's any reaction as I haven't used it on these particular colours before.
    Also, I'm not sure how to get a good close up of the drawings now it's getting longer! I have one image that's ok but will try for something better.
    The box you used is excellent, but as you say expensive. I saw only 'Jiffy' bags at our post office and that worked ok for Masha's book.
    I still have your box but will use a fresh envelope to Russia.
    If not too expensive perhaps I could send the box back to you some time to re-use?

  3. Thank you for your kind words Rosie. Don't worry about sending the box back. It wasn't the box itself that was expensive. It is a "priority mail " box which is free but the postage was $13. It will cost around $6 to send it in a padded envelope. It will probably take longer to get there. Something like 5 to10 days.

  4. Unintended or intended--all the object, except the letter, are metal!

    I love what you've created, Katie--drawing & added words. This is such a rich experience. Thank you, ladies!

  5. Looks so beautiful! And look how well they all are together :)) I like this connection a lot... I'm so excited to see the second pic together with first ones.

  6. Marcia tell me more about your comment saying "Unintended or intended--all the object, except the letter, are metal!" I would like to understand better.

  7. Katie, hmmm, I think what I meant (partially) is akin to what Masha said above, "how well they all are together"--though on some level random, they now seem meant for each other, in other wards, intended. I also think this theme is a paradox: once discovered, once identified, once committed to the page, once interaction, relationship, organization is set up between what we have drawn, unintended is no more. Intention takes over. All rather philosophical......helpful to get caught up in this verbal analysis? I'm not sure.

    Another thought about the collected objects you have drawn is that they are a time capsule for your granddaughter.

  8. Arrived safe and sound! Marcia's book with Katie's drawing was delivered this morning :)

    It's really excellent and the drawings link so beautifully.

    Shall need to think hard!!!

  9. On a mundane note, but quite interesting (to me anyway), it's a very good, tough envelope and I noticed the blue elastic bands round the box were from Mexican asparagus. Our asparagus always seems to come with pale purple bands! :)

    (You may now think I should be leading a more exciting life than to have time to mention such things!)

  10. Marcia, Katie, I have just opened your 'Collections' after being away and was once again struck by the wonderful drawings. They really are stunning (and going to be so hard to follow)!
    I have tentatively made a start and drawn a tiny sea shell on the edge of your 'letter' Katie.
    So far looking ok and I hope you'll like it.

    I may work just in pencil/crayon/wash as I'm better with these for still life rather than pen.