Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Masha's book with Minneapolis geese

I have finally added a drawing to your book Masha. It is much less "finished" than what I usually draw. Maybe that makes it a bit more lively and fresher? Anyway it is done and I will get it in the mail within the next couple of days.
Minneapolis is called the City of Lakes. There are nine within the city limits, this one is Lake Calhoun. The birds are Canadian Geese. When my boys were young we used to go to Lake Calhoun and feed the geese dried bread. There are paved trails all around the lakes making them lovely places to walk, run, and walk your dog.


  1. for some reason this has not gone to email. Maybe making a comment will help.

  2. Yes, yes, yes--a great capture, Katie, of a place I know well from having lived in Minneapolis when in my 20s & 30s. I walked around Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet & Lake of the Isles many times, many years ago. I love the feel of the trees, the dog walker & of course the geese. Your entry transports me.

    I don't understand why now we only get relayed an email when someone posts a comment & not when a new post topic is entered.

  3. A very fresh illustration with so much interest. I can go for a walk in this picture. Love the trees and the geese.

  4. I'm really looking forward to adding to this book (hope you don't mind another goose Katie) plus some other creatures who have come my way.

  5. thanks so much Marcia and Rosie.
    I mailed Masha's book to Rosie about an hour ago.

  6. Rosie...the more geese the better I say:-)

  7. Hello Katie!
    I love it, it's so delicate and awesome. I like the softness, light and landscape there. Was it from nature or from photo? I think it's going to be a bird book :) How great :) Anyway if someone will change it to dog, frogs or reindeers it is also wonderful.

  8. Thanks Masha, I'm glad you like it :-)
    I thought about drawing my dogs, but I didn't know how to transition from the birds to dogs. I did add a dog in the distance.
    I did use several photos that I took of the geese and the landscape as a reference. I used parts of the various photos, moving geese, adding trees, deleting trees etc. So my drawing used photos as a reference, but it is not a drawing of a photo. I don't have your talent to be able to sketch wild life quickly. The drawings that you post on Flickr as "quick sketches" would take me hours. So I do resort to using photos more than I should. All three of you draw so wonderfully from life. I can and do draw from life but it takes me sooooooo long.

  9. Just a message to say I've been away for a week but was thrilled to find Masha's book safely in my hall when I came home. Have had only a quick glance so far, in anticipation - scarily amazing!
    I'm hoping Marcia's book arrives with Masha soon.

  10. It arrived safely! I've got Marcia's book, it's so very interesting to observe. A very fun and curious book! Thinking of what to add there...

  11. So pleased that Marcia's book has arrived!

    In Masha's book, many wonderful birds - so different yet following on beautifully!
    The first one I saw was the little gull in the top right hand corner - looks sweet but probably wasn't!

    I am still thinking 'birds' although I'd intended different creatures. Looking through my sketch books I see that the geese, swans ducks etc that I've drawn were very interesting for their amazing flexible agile necks.

    I have been tempted by ideas of a more abstract design based on these aspects, or perhaps a lino block print. Any suggestions?

    Not sure I could carry off either of these in in the sketch book and don't want to spoil it so think it will be basically a drawing!

  12. I, too, have been mulling over heading in new directions--not necessarily in only Masha’s book. I am excited by what you say above, Rosie: tempted by a more abstract interpretation AND a linocut print. YES--they both sound very interesting & I would like for you to explore that. Take the leap! Let go of the idea of spoiling. Take the risk!

    As for me, I’m mulling over what I will put in Katie’s book. All of the images that have come into my mind’s eye are vertical rather then the horizontal/landscape orientation we have all followed thus far. I’ll have to figure out some kind of visual transition so it isn’t too jarring to turn the book. Hmmmm.......