Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rosie’s book received from Masha today!!!!

The posted images of Rosie’s book were wonderful to behold, but the originals are so much MORE amazing.  More vivid in color. The energy of each of your hand imbued on the paper.  Just spectacular.  It is an honor to have it in my keeping.

I’ll have to meditate on this a bit to know what I will add.  Today after looking at the sketchbook, my thoughts gathered around my grandmothers, both born in the Ukraine, both spoke Russian as their 1st language before coming to North America as young women in the early 20th century.  Perhaps the story that I will tell will be something about them.

I was outside planting annual sets (impatiens) when the postman tapped me on the shoulder to sign for Masha’s mailer.  He was visibly excited to have such a wonderful envelop with all those colorful Russian stamps to hand me. The book came in excellent condition, but the mailer’s flap had opened half way.  It could have fallen out!!!  Perhaps putting an extra strip of tape across the closure might be a good idea--just to be cautious, Masha.


  1. First of all, Katie so sorry to read that you've been unwell and hope you are ok now :)

    Exciting to know that my book is with you Marcia.
    It is interesting to hear of the links between our group- that Katie already knew Marcia; Marcia's Russian ancestry etc.

  2. Marcia, I can't wait to see your drawing! I feel so very lucky it all still works and you are receiving mail in a very (for Russian post) good time. Hope next one will come well too.
    About an envelope. I even came to the central post office to look for better variant, but in vain. They do have only simple paper envelopes unfortunately... And about it's being half opened - I do believe it was a opening and inspection. It happens veкy often with Russian border services in security reasons, so don't be too surprised.

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