Monday, June 13, 2011

'Those Who Live', Rosie's page in Masha's book.


I found I couldn't make a satisfactory page from my bird drawings but realised that Masha's birds inhabited the Moscow sky, Marcia's were by the shore and Katie's on the lake. So my creatures are in the fields of Northern England.

This is a montage of several of my drawings. The sheep and thorn trees were drawn near Whitby on Yorkshire's east coast.

The dry stone walls and old stone gate posts are from Derbyshire and Cheshire in the north west.

Oh, and the snail was in my garden in Hertfordshire, (south east)! At the moment there are snails everywhere as it's been raining copiously.

I hope you like this for the theme Masha. Once again it was not really what I'd intended. It's not a styalish drawing but I've enjoyed giving the sheep and the stone walls an outing :)


  1. I like the added color & the new scan. Very rich image.

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  3. Masha's book is on its way home. I posted it today. Hope it has a safe journey :)