Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another addition to Winter Remembering Spring

Squirrel and Oak Seedling


Squirrel, hoarder of Fall's fruit, banker of nuts, planted this acorn in my garden before winter sealed the earth like a frozen tomb.  Winter, stern teacher, tester of trust that life will emerge again.  Be squirrel.  Work and play hard, against all odds.  Believe in bounty.

I extracted this lovely specimen weeding my garden (something I've been doing a lot of lately).  And the squirrel--we have a family that have made our yard their domain for several generations.  Katie, I hope you like this.  I took the liberty to switching the orientation to vertical.  I enjoyed doing this! It seemed a fitting image to create as we approach the summer solstice.  Now, by sending it onto you, Katie, it will have made its first full cycle.


  1. I love the image, the idea, the orientation and most especially the extraordinary words.

  2. This is a perfect addition, beautifully drawn and conceived! I like it very much, including the change of orientation.

  3. Coming home.....your sketchbook mailed today, Katie. Let me know when it arrives, please.

  4. I got it. Wow, full circle. My drawing looks so stiff and contrived next to all yours. I need to loosen up. That has always been my challenge.

    I won't get to it right away though. I am in the hospital again. @*#!×~!!!!!!!

  5. Katie,
    Oh, my....your being in the hospital again was NOT what I wanted to hear. Oh, Katie......I’ll continue to envision your robust recovery & return to the things you love to do.

    ALL MY BEST--Marcia

  6. Marcia, it's so interesting! So very botanical :), very 'sketching in nature' style :) Lovely page and so brave you are to turn it! It would be a curious puzzle for the next one to find her way to continue :))

    Katie, I'm so very sorry to here you are back to hospital! So sorry... Please, get well soon! Sending you very best wishes and strength. Hugs, Masha

  7. Katie, so sorry to hear you are in hospital again. I hope you are home soon and feeling better :) Rosie x