Sunday, March 27, 2011

Work in progress, my page in Katie's book.

This is my contribution so far. I'm not sure if it is complete yet and would welcome feedback :)
I drew the initial tree study in situe in your book Katie. This is a bit unnerving in case it got muddy or had some other accident!
The tree is an amazing Crack Willow and shows a wonderful record of its life in colour and texture.
I have kept the colour quite restained and haven't yet decided whether to add colour between the trees.


  1. Wonderful subject, Rosie. From what I can see of the sketch laying below Katie’s sketchbook, I think you should intensify the color and/or contrast towards what you have in the rough sketch. Not necessarily across your whole section, but as a way to spotlight the innards & gnarled nature of the willow.

    When I was in England 3 years ago, I was so impressed with how the British love and cherish their trees, no matter how misshapen by age and the elements. In my community, trees are too readily chopped down & replaced by more perfect & symmetrical specimens.

  2. Rosie, your drawing is 'talking' to previous one in this notebook! I like a lot how the theme is flowing from Katie to you... So gentle connection.
    And about the colour... I'm very afraid to tel smth, but there is a splendid light spring green, glowing and fresh... Why not add horizontal stripes of textured 'grass' for the background? It could make 'winter remembering spring' mood even deeper... Oh, I'm so very sorry. I normally do not make comments like this. But I was so impressed by your previous photo!

  3. Thank you Marcia. I think more colour will be a good idea. I do want to remain cautious though so as not to make too much contrast with Katie's

    You are right, in general trees are respected and cared for here. In this case though, the trees are particularly lucky as it's a conservation area! There are also old varieties of apple planted. Hertfordshire is well known for apples and there are several local ones.

    Masha thank you, I'm very pleased to have the feedback and as I said to Marcia, I think some more colour is appropriate including the background.

    Ladies, I'm also concerned about the right hand page! I think the writing is not really well placed I don't mind the verse but lettering is often a problem to me. I'm thinking to bring some more branches across for a bit more disguise. I apologise Masha as it is not so easy to follow on from, but hope to improve :)
    Suggestions appreciated!

  4. Concerns about balance, placement, visual flow (and the like) in relationship to what has come before might just as well be left to the next contributor(s). Perhaps there might be more potential if certain things are left vaguer or undone. There also might be potential for the next drawer to encroach a bit onto the previous drawing--which might ultimately tie it together. Ladies, do you feel that this suggestion is fair game? Interesting?

  5. Yes, I agree Marcia. I'm certainly going to leave the right side undefined, just hope to improve the rest a bit.

  6. I haven't read the above comments yet. First I want to let you know that your drawing is BEAUTIFUL! I also LOVE the words you have written. It is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind for my theme. Thank you, thank you thank you Rosie!!!!

  7. Okay, I’ve read the above comments now. In terms of adding more color and/or contrast I don't think the drawing that is under the book has too much colort. It is more or less monochromatic so it fits well with my black and white (grey) drawing. It also opens the door for Masha to continue to add more color or not however she is inspired when the book gets to her.

    As far as the words you have written, I had the same issue. I am sure you will come up with a solution that you will be happy with. Though when I first read it all I noticed was the poetry, not the placement etc. You know what I think would be totally cool? If you were to have the foliage that is under the tree nearest my drawing, go into my drawing and even behind the porch rail. I love this process!!!

  8. Something else that links our drawings is that you have one tree sharply in focus while the other is less defined. In mine the mother I new is more detailed than who she was before I was born. Both drawings have clusters of foliage too. There are so many things that can link drawings to each other, not just color. I think it could be possible to have a madly colorful drawing next to mine and still be able to have them fit together. Your drawing can even redefine mine .. or at least add a new definition.

  9. I think it's a wonderful idea to leave a bit of a page unfinished and let the next one to continue right there. It could make a wonderful connection... And mental dialog too.

  10. Katie, I'm so glad you like my drawing. Thank you very much for your comments. They really give me insight into your theme.

    Thanks Everyone for your feedback. I'm still thinking about colour etc.

    I find it very hard to work spontaneously and energetically in these books for fear of 'spoiling' things, especially in someone elses.
    As Katie says though it is a great process.

    Looking forward to the next stages of the journey :)