Thursday, September 22, 2011

a new turn!

One more drawing for a new round :) Morning Crow on a poplar tree, enjoying warm September sun 25m above the ground.
Hugs to all of you ladies! :>)


  1. Brilliant! What an inspired wake-me-up when I opened my email in-box this morning. The leaves have turned color in your part of the world! That's just starting here. Is the color paint, pencil or chalk?

  2. Golden orange and grey-black look really nice together!

  3. Hugs right back to you! Wonderful. 25 meters is pretty high up. Were you looking out your window?

  4. Leaves are turning here but it's still pleasantly warm.
    Your crow gives us a great start to the new round :)

  5. Marcia, thank you! I was thinking of writing the same line 'a waking up picture', but decide to cut a post :) Yep, your trees are getting prettier each day, especially in a countryside!

    Ekaterina thank you very much! :)

    Thank you Katie, our window is on the fifth floor, so it's a wonderful birds observing spot. We have 10 kids of birds here and I always have a nature in front of my eyes! Hope they (Moscow government) won't cut their home-trees...

    Thank you very much Rosie! :>) I hope this turn would be wonderful!

  6. Masha's sketchbook arrived today!!!!! I had almost given it up for lost. Your above scan, Masha, does not do the original justice. The poplar has an incredible glow that can only be fully appreciated from the genuine article.

    Now I will cast about for inspiration for my next entry.