Thursday, February 10, 2011

decision time

So are we ready to make a decision on how we are going to do our exchange? We have several options to choose from.

Theme or no theme
1. we choose a comon theme
2. we don't have a theme
3. each of us chooses independently her own theme or no theme

1. we send our books around once and do 10 pages at a time
2. we send them around twice doing 5 pages at a time
3. we send them around 3 times and do 3.3 pages at a time

I am leaning towards each of us having our own theme.

As far as process goes I like the idea of sending them around either twice or three times. Twice would be cheaper but five pages is a bit of a long spread. Three times would cost more in postage but I like the shape of 3.3 pages better than the long 5 page rectangle.

What do you think Rosie and Marcia?



  1. Jan, I just browsed through your group (moly_x_25) and it really is inspirational. Marcia and Rosie, it might be the same for you. I started at

    and browsed forward from there (clicking on "newer posts"). I so enjoyed the exchange of process, thoughts and ideas and just the wonderful interactions among the four of you.

  2. Thanks for keeping us on track, Katie,

    Since Nina seems to not be in the mix, does this mean we’re definitely 3? Or is anyone else interested in trying to recruit a 4th? I have some artists in mind who are Flickr contact/friends who, if contacted, might be interested in joining us. People whose work I admire & might further the international makeup of our group. I won’t send their links to you or make any effort to contact them until I hear back from the 2 of you.

    Here’s my thoughts about themes: I like that each of us have their own theme. That theme could be no theme. But we all have to be in agreement that we’re willing to take each others on. I’m good to go with my theme: Unintended Collections. I’m good to go on Katie’s: Winter remembering Spring ... Spring imagining Summer. I’m still circling, trying to find my way in on yours, Rosie. ‘Rhythm’ and Telling the Story’ resonate the most with me.

    Once I get my new moly in hand I’ll be able to give my opinion on how many pages feels right to do at a time. I should have it by early next week.

    So, I’ll wait to hear back from you two!

  3. I recommend:

    2-4 page entries, allowing the books to go around a couple of times. You will benefit from the relationships. You will benefit from the responses to entries.

    themes for your books. This takes some of the pressure off, and you will feel pressure to do a good job for each other. Each artist may have her own theme.

  4. Marcia,
    I would like to have another participant, especially one who would add more international flavor to the group. Yes please let's invite a fourth. If it is okay with Rosie, I would be grateful if you would invite one of your contacts.

  5. Good Morning Everyone :)
    Thanks for messages.

    I think we do need another participant and also would be grateful if you could invite a contact Marcia.

    Marty's suggestion of 2-4 page entries sounds fine to me.

    Themes: Unintentional Collections suits me. Winter remembering Spring; imagining Summer is good too. Just a thought Katie, I liked your mention of 'transitions' in relation to your seasonal theme.
    Thanks Marcia for narrowing my ideas a little!
    Maybe 'Telling the 'Story' as it can fit with both the others.
    However, I also thought of 'Serendipity' and rather like it.

    So, on the whole it sounds like a theme each would suit us, as long as we all feel ok with each others and it's not too restricting.

    Do you still have snow Katie and Marcia? It's 9 degrees here this morning and bulbs are coming in to bud.

    Am still awaiting my sketch book!

    Rosie x

  6. It is morning here. I am up early and it is cold! We keep the house at 68 degrees F at night and 69 F during the day. Outside it is -1 but it is actually warming up today. We will get up to freezing today. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!
    2 - 4 pages sounds excellent. The theme of Winter remembering Spring does not have to be limited to changes in weather, ecology, and hours of daylight. It can also refer to the seasons of life. I think of my relationship with my granddaughter. I also think of the song by Joni Mitchell called "The Circle Game". You can listen to it on youtube. Go to
    and you can choose from several videos.
    I think of the trilogy of "Maiden , Mother and Crone". There is the seasons of our own lives. Drawing about the earth's seasons is only one way to interpret my theme.
    To make it less complicated, would it be okay with the two of you if I limited my theme to "Winter Remembering Spring"?

  7. Oh, I forgot ...
    Rosie, I like the concept of "Serendipity" but no images come to mind. Could you give me some ideas of what you are thinking about?

    "Telling the Story" has some magic about it for me. The thing I like about it is that it has the possibility of really being about the images. Each of us continuing the "story" of the previous drawing with out preconception.


  8. Hi Katie,

    I looked up 'serendipity' and it's 'the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident' so I suppose it could be just following on, one image setting off from another as the project progresses. Perhaps it's too vague to be considered a theme really?

    I just thought that my drawings often work best when something catches my eye and I think 'yes'!

    I keep thinking about how this project is going to work. For example, if I start my book with something to do with an image about the folk music my friends and I play, perhaps Marcia might see something in her 'Collections' which might then give her a subject, which you could then pick up on.
    That could then be a story of change etc.
    I didn't envisage an actual story like Red-Riding Hood or anything!

    As I see it, each of us starts her own book theme and the others pick up on it in some way they think appropriate.

    I fear I may be making too much of this and that once underway we'll play it by ear and just enjoy!

    Rosie x

  9. By the way, 'Winter Remembering Spring' sounds good :)