Saturday, February 26, 2011

winter remembering spring

So... I have just had the most wonderful day at an agility seminar with my dog Zander. I learned so much about myself as a dog handler and about what an amazing gift he is to me. He is so tolerant of my handling mistakes and remains excited and motivated, he is forgiving and so much fun. I am so lucky!
Now about my theme.
The theme of Winter remembering Spring does not have to be limited to changes in weather, ecology, and hours of daylight. It can also refer to the seasons of life. I think of my relationship with my granddaughter. I also think of the song by Joni Mitchell called "The Circle Game". You can listen to it on youtube. Go to
and you can choose from several videos.
I also think of the trilogy of "Maiden , Mother and Crone". There are also the seasons of our own lives. Drawing about the earth's seasons is only one way to interpret my theme. I have not decided on what I will do to start. I am considering a drawing from a photograph of my great grandmother and my brother as a baby. I am also considering doing winter trees. I will be more than happy for the drawings that you all do to move on from and beyond the marks I have put on paper.
I think of the theme being largely about transition which can be described through images of winter (the old) moving towards spring (the new). One doesn't usually think of transitioning from old to young but here are a few inadequate words I wrote on the subject several years ago.

Winter is the season of sleep,
of waiting for renewal,
of going inside
to find one’s self.
It is a time of unseen growth.
It is the season of death
leading to rebirth.

So that is my theme



  1. Beautifully spoken, Katie! Winter can be a great teacher.

  2. I agree.
    I am not always patient with winter, prefering to tell myself that spring is on its way!

  3. Your explanation is so poetical... I hope you don't feel bad about me asking you to explain your theme? I felt you were not so happy... But what a delight it is to finally read your story!I believe artists could write stories (as Momo Kapor, for example) as good as they draw. Sorry if I did somthing wrong.

  4. Asking for clarification is always good, Masha--for the asker & the explainer. Can you give me some leads to learn more about Momo Kapor?