Friday, February 25, 2011

Unintended Collections: Marcia’s Theme

Unintended Collections is my theme.  Here’s my initiating/current thought about it.  But like Rosie, I’m interested to see where it goes through each of our interpretations. Masha requested more input on the meaning of each of our themes. So here goes for me:

I do not intentionally collect things for collecting sake. As I get older, my inclination is to have less, rather than more. I’m always looking to give things away to a next rightful appreciative “keeper”. Certainly, I like to have functional objects in my life--especially in the kitchen :-).  But despite this, I find that “stuff” seems to pool around me. Sometimes I’ll realize that these “unintended collections" do have meaning for me. Or I can’t help but to claim them as part of my story. I’ll open a drawer & realize there’s some like things that have gathered.  I’ll put on a jacket that I haven’t worn since a previous season & find a handful of  shriveled buds, or curls of bark, or a few shells. Are these like crumbs left by my unconscious mind?  Little omens? Something that will make me know my life more deeply if I let them stay in my keeping for at least a short time so I might shine a spotlight on them through drawing them?

I  hope this help, Masha. Words are good, but I think the artwork that you receive in each of our books will be your best guide.

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