Friday, February 25, 2011

The next pages.

Here is a draft of the next pages.

The first is blank at the moment! I used watercolour crayons plus a little watercolour paint and a bit has bled through. So shall have to think of something.

The next three images continue the musians/dance /friends thread.

The last one is of a Tibetan Bone Dancer. The premise of his dance is that as we are all bones in the end, we should be generous to our fellow travellers!

With this I hope to open out the theme to wider thoughts.

It could move on in any direction anyone likes :)

Rosie x


  1. Rosie,
    The same thing happened to me in terms of the paint bleeding through. I ended up cutting off the last page and gluing on to the page where the paint bled through. That means my book is one page shorter than the others. No big deal.

  2. Hi,
    It's not too bad. I'm hoping to be able to work over it, but thanks for the idea.
    In a way it's quite a good thing. I'm being far too 'precious' with this book. It is a sketch book after all :)

  3. Hi Everyone,

    A question- are you intending to write your theme title at the beginning and if so where?

    The obvious place I guess would be the first page after the sign in (the one before the start of the concertina).

    As it happens I have already drawn on that page but could incorporate my theme title with the first concertina bit.

    Also, I put the title on my sign in page. Probably shouldn't have! Ah well :)

    Let me know your thoughts,
    Rosie x

  4. Rosie--

    Love the sentiment you explained behind the bone dance.

    Theme title: It would be appropriate/helpful to be written or incorporated into the design of the 1st pages done by the initiating artist. I think your theme title would work well on the left of the figures you have above. I don't feel there needs to be any homogenized approach to this.

    As for me, I finally got going & I'm working away on "warm-ups". I've launched into my first spread of 3-4 pages first before doing the sign in pages. Somewhere, somehow my title will be in my sketchbook before it gets sent onto Katie, not sure of the specifics until the right spot presents itself.


  5. Marcia,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I agree, title could be helpful but no need for a uniform approach.

    I drew the bone dancer in at Sidmouth Festival, in Devon (alas not in Tibet), and really enjoyed the experience.

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's ideas. Sounds like you have found some interesting collections.