Sunday, May 1, 2011

second entry, Russian ladies

Inspired by Rosie's charcoal work :)

I thought it could be interesting to find typical Russian modern clothes elements. To find out what makes our women different. I know there is a prejudice and made up opinion, that Russian ladies do always wear hills, heavy make up and make a general impression of a prostitutes. Showing 5 very common looks I want to make a little statement, but not necessary complimentary ;)


  1. This is SO much fun, Masha!! This spread exhibits your delightful sense of humor, not to mention your illustrative range. My daughter, who recently graduated from college with a minor in Russian language, will be tickled to see this, as well. The written commentary is choice. Hmmmm, I’m glad to have a few weeks to mull my inclinations for my entry while this is in transit.

    Head scarves at 60--that’s how old I’ll be this year! My grandmother, who was from the Ukraine (north of Kiev), wore headscarves & called them babushka. And then when my mother became a grandmother, she wanted our son to call her babushka, which as I understand, is a term for grandmother, too. Only he couldn’t pronounce that so he called her by his own shortened version: Baboo.

  2. I agree with Marcia, humourous but also charming!
    Your drawings follow on from mine very well Masha, thank you :)
    In U.K. ladies of this age (which is also my age) no longer follow this sort of look and choose their clothes to express a younger outlook on life.
    Ofcourse this is a generalisaton and many factors such as general health, weight and income are an influence.
    I love the colour and the social commentary of your drawings. I do feel a certain sympathy towards these ladies though. There is so much choice available here; also many sources of advice from T.V., magazines etc on how to look one's best.
    Even so, as I look around, I now notice some who maybe have a more old fashioned approach!

  3. I will be 63 this year. I love your concept Masha! It would be so fun to do a whole sketchbook exchange on what people wear. I find your sketches of these Russian ladies to be charming and humerous yet still done with a loving hand.

  4. Hello Marcia! I'm soo delighted you like this one! Thank you very much! This book of Rosie's seemed to me very fun, festive and playful. I don't know if my entry was right, but it was a great pleasure anyway :)))

    Haha, it's so fun to read about your son't version of babushka :)) Some families here find it difficult to pronounce for kid also and shorten it to 'baba', that is almost international I think. That's so great you are part Ukrainian! Me too, 1/4 :) It's amazing to find coincidences in such a distance! :))

  5. Rosie, it's a relief to read you find it following well. I was not sure and thought maybe to add some of our classical musicians... But musicians are so serious!
    You know I think following this traditional style is not so bad... Even if a lady looks older in it. I thought like you do, but now changed my mind. It's all becoming too familiar with those Hollywood fashion. It seems like only young&slim&modern are beautiful. But it is not so. I think keeping nice and not cruel traditions through the centuries is more important... And even I, 27, married feel like I would be proud deeply inside to wear smth, that shows my married status (like in old Russia there were a special details showing it - head stuff and apron). It's because it helps you feel safe from other man's unpleasant attention and helps to show your general position. Otherwise people think I'm a school girl and treat me the same even if I'm in a serious 'grown' gown ;)

  6. 63! Wow :))) What a beautiful life time, when children are independent and one could keep time for pleasures :)
    Yep, I also became sort of addicted to thing idea of people's looks. It was not my goal at all before, but now I catch myself while looking for interesting and typical clothes combinations on people. Smth, that would show where we live and what people wear there :))

  7. The idea of styles of dress is certainly a good one. It fits with the the observation of character and colour in daily life.
    It's proggressing well - thank you :)

  8. Masha--
    Is this book on its way to me? Please let me know when you sent/send it so I can keep track of when I might expect it. Thanks! Can’t wait ....

  9. Marcia, oh yes, it's coming to you! :) I sent it May 2. The tracing number is RA058510872RU. Our post service wrote it's sent to US 5th of May. Yahoo!