Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hurrah! :) It's here!

I got Rosie's book! :) It's so very interesting, bright, colourful and energetic. I can't wait to draw there, but feel afraid also...

So very happy it went well and in a good time. It took 13 days to deliver book from UK to our post office and then a week here for mistakes and misunderstandings. Everything seems very fine now and I deeply wish it will come again as well as it was this time.

Rosie, thank you so very much for a package also! I had never seen so beautiful envelope with all those stamps and even a Queen's portrait!

Marcia, I've checked the status of my book sent to you. It seems like they sent it from Russian border 20th of March. I hope it will come to you soon!


  1. Thanks Masha :)
    The envelope is from the Post Office and I think all our stamps have a picture of the Queen somewhere!
    Katie's book came in a very good box. I haven't seen any like it here.

  2. Masha!
    Your book did arrive safely to me on March 29th. You must have missed my excited post to your "First four pages of the series 'Those who live’” that I made on the date of arrival. Do you have access like us to the Blog Archive?

  3. 2 Rosie
    '...all our stamps have a picture of the Queen somewhere...'
    Thats so nice and looks Royal from the first glance :) We have no such a stuff, no flag colours, no coat of arms. I will try to find a nicer package for my next parcel...

  4. Oh Marcia, I'm so sorry! I had no message in my post box about it... All new posts are coming, but no comments. Let me check preferences if there is smth I can do... Still need to learn a lot about Blogger stuff!
    I can't express how happy I am to know it's all went well! That means we are now connected and I can legally take part in exchange. Next time I wish to make a parcel nicer and more interesting, this one was a test ;)